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    Actor Accused Of Attack On Ex-Girlfriend

    Actor Accused Of Attack On Ex-Girlfriend

    Shelley Malil Appeared In '40 Year Old Virgin'

    SAN MARCOS, Calif. -- An actor who played a supporting role in the movie the "40 Year Old Virgin" was arrested on suspicion of knifing his ex-girlfriend at her San Marcos home Monday, officials told NBC 7/39.

    The San Diego County Sheriff's Department said Shelley Malil, a resident of Sherman Oaks, was taken into custody at the Oceanside Amtrak station in connection with the attack around 6 p.m.

    The sheriff's department said the stabbing took place on Sunday just before 9 p.m. in the 1800 block of Shade Tree Drive in San Marcos. Officials said the attacker arrived at the his ex-girlfriend's home and found her in the back yard with a man. Detectives said he grabbed a knife and began stabbing her repeatedly and then chased the victim through her home. Her male companion was also stabbed in the hand when he tried to intervene, authorities said.

    A woman who lives nearby told NBC 7/39 she heard the victim screaming and that the attacker stabbed the woman as many as 20 times. The neighbor also said the victim was a mother with two children who were home at the time of the attack.

    Another neighbor, Charleton Lee, said he heard the commotion and came outside and found the two near the front door. He then said Malil eventually left the scene, and Lee put pressure on the woman's wounds to slow the bleeding, as they waited for deputies and paramedics to arrive.

    "Her chin was almost entirely cut off. She had a huge gash in her arm that looked like a really deep wound that was bleeding profusely," Lee said. "She asked me to hold her and I could feel a lot of gashes in her back as well."

    The victim is in critical condition at Palomar Hospital, NBC 7/39 reported, but investigators believe she will survive her injuries. The sheriff's fugitive task force was in Sherman Oaks, where Malil lives, but the arrest came in San Diego County.

    According to the Web site IMDB.com, Malil first caught national attention as "Chad," one of the Budweiser "What are you doing?!" guys in Anheuser-Busch's inspired "Whassup?!" commercial spin-off.
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    OMG...did he just snap or what?? WOW! I sure hope she makes it.

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