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    Man arrested for being naked in a park with a 10 year old

    Tonight a man is sitting in the Grayson County Jail wearing orange...to make sure he's not standing somewhere else..naked. Sherman Police arrested a man for indecency with a 10-year-old child at Fairview Park last night. KTEN's Chelsea Hover reports.
    This is a park where people come to jog, bring their kids to play, and sports teams hold practices. But last night one man thought this was his personal playground.
    This isnt the first time something like this has happened at Fairview Park. Police tell us someone called and said they saw a man touching himself in the park.
    He was near the jogging trail by the swimming pool when police spotted him...with his pants around his ankles, wearing nothing but a blue cap.
    When the suspect noticed the officer, he took off running, but within minutes police had him in custody.
    Folks who frequent Fairview Park are shocked to hear the news.
    "I would be very disturbed by that," said Christi Carr, who shoots hoops at the park. "People come to the park for their kids to play...their kids dont need to see that."
    "Oh, I'm not surprised," said Jeff Conners, "we're in a fallen world so we can expect these type of things."
    "I think its really sad," said Traci Uno, a mother of two young children. "This is a place where we can come and bring our kids and I usually feel pretty secure but then hearing something like that, it definitely makes me think twice."
    39-year-old David Woodard of Sherman was arrested for exposing himself in the presence of a 10-year-old witness. He's still in jail tongiht awaiting arraignment.
    Indecency with a child is a third degree felony punishable by two to ten years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

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