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    North Carolina Trooper in critical condition after high speed chase

    A state trooper is in critical condition, and the hunt is on for the man officers say is responsible for a horrible wreck.
    Carl Paschall was mowing his yard near Angier Avenue and Tyonek Road in Durham late Friday morning when he saw Trooper Jerry Brand flying over the hill in his vehicle, sirens blaring.
    “I saw him come over the hill,” said Paschall. “It just raised up -- the car raised up, it was going so fast. It just started wiggling and he lost it.”
    “Sometimes these things happen,” said Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Everett Clendenin. “Usually they don't elevate to something like this.”
    Lt. Clendenin said it all started at a driver's license checkpoint. He said that when a man in a green Honda turned around to avoid the troopers, Brand became suspicious and went after him.
    “Our policy allows troopers to use their own discretion when to pursue a vehicle,” he said.
    Investigators are trying to figure out how fast Brand was going and why he lost control. A few hours after the crash, officers did find what they think is the suspect's car at a nearby apartment complex.
    Brand is 40 years old and has been with the Highway Patrol since 1989. Although the investigation is in its early stages, officials say it appears Brand didn't violate any department policies.
    Anyone with information about the crash or a possible suspect should contact the Highway Patrol Communication Center at (919) 733-3861.

    This is what's left of the Trooper's patrol car:

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    Geesus. im surprised he is alive. God bless. Hope to hear hes back on the road soon

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    I was told his condition was VERY bad...that I need to pray for him.

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    *************************UPDAT E**************************

    Man Wanted In Trooper Crash Fatally Shot By Durham Officer

    POSTED: 5:28 pm EST March 10, 2006
    UPDATED: 11:27 pm EST March 10, 2006

    DURHAM, N.C. -- There’s been a major twist in the deadly shooting involving a Durham police officer Friday evening. The man who was killed was wanted for last week's high-speed chase that seriously injured a state trooper.

    Police say it all started when 24-year-old Javan Johnson ran a stoplight here at Cheek Road and Hardee Steet. An officer spotted him, and then Johnson led him on a chase, even attempting to run the officer over. That's when things turned deadly, and it eventually became clear why Johnson was running.

    Police say Johnson is the same man who led Highway Patrol Trooper Jerry Brand on a high-speed pursuit last week, ending with the trooper losing control of his cruiser and crashing in a fiery wreck that left him in serious condition.

    This time, the suspect did not get away. Chris Malm witnessed the deadly ending to the chase that unfolded on Cheek Road.

    "I saw his head move and then he didn't do it anymore," said Malm.

    Investigators say during the chase, Johnson hit several cars in the parking lot of an apartment complex. At that point, the officer got out of his car and Johnson struck him with his vehicle. That's when the officer fired a single shot. Johnson kept driving, but crashed into an embankment just a block up the road.

    "It's a tremendous waste of life,” said nearby resident Stephen Roberts. “It seems if someone had just stopped, they would have been out of jail at 8:00 tonight."

    Roberts said even though the crash happened in his neighborhood, the community has a solid relationship with the Durham Police Department.

    "Oh yeah, we trust them, they protect us,” he said.

    The Highway Patrol said Brand is still at Duke Hospital in serious but stable condition. The police officer in Friday's shooting will be placed on paid leave. That is simply standard procedure.

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    NC Trooper

    My thoughts & prayers are with this trooper & his family & co workers.
    At least that guy will not run from or hurt any one else.
    Does any one know why he didn't stop at the original check point ?
    Please stay safe in all you do, also know I pray for each of you daily. Thank you for all you do. On Twitter at




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