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    $4 Million Bail for Man Who Shot at Cop

    Be careful out there!

    Man pleads not guilty to shooting at rookie cop

    By Angelica Martinez
    4:45 p.m. August 15, 2008
    SAN DIEGO The man accused of shooting at a police officer at close range in Encanto this week pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Friday, officials said.
    Rahin L. Mitchell, 32, of San Diego, is charged with attempted murder and assault.

    He was assigned an attorney from the Public Defender's Office and was granted $4 million bail, said Deputy District Attorney Valerie Summers. Mitchell had previously been held without bail.
    He was arrested Wednesday a short time after someone fired at a rookie officer in front of Marie Widman Memorial Park on Imperial Avenue near Woodman Street.

    The officer had just completed his training and was working his second day in the field by himself. He had parked his patrol car and was about to exit to talk to some people nearby when someone pulled up beside him at 3:15 p.m. and fired at least one shot. The officer, who was not identified, was not hit.

    Police said a handgun was found in a white Ford Taurus used in the shooting. The car was later identified as a rental from Hertz in National City.

    A Hertz employee called police to say someone had turned in the Taurus and was trying to obtain another car.

    Authorities said a motive from the shooting was not known, however they said Mitchell has had several run-ins with the law, including two drunken-driving convictions and another DUI crash last month in Lemon Grove.
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    I'm glad they caught him and put his ass in jail, but I'd prefer to read his obituary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmur5074 View Post
    I'm glad they caught him and put his ass in jail, but I'd prefer to read his obituary.
    +1.....yah..here is someone that is and will remain a pillar of society.
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    Wow, 2nd day on the job off training, now that is/would make ya rethink what you are doing for your career.

    Damn! Asshat should be locked up a long damn time
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmur5074 View Post
    I'm glad they caught him and put his ass in jail, but I'd prefer to read his obituary.

    I will second that! Hope the system does the right thing puts this POS away for a real long time.

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    I'm glad no Officer's were hurt and they caught this POS. He doesn't deserve to walk the same streets as us...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoestring View Post
    Wow, 2nd day on the job off training, now that is/would make ya rethink what you are doing for your career.

    Damn! Asshat should be locked up a long damn time

    Along the same lines I have a friend that had a shooting his very first day of FTO (after admin crap). They went 10-8 down about a mile did a traffic stop. The driver stepped out of the vehicle and opened fire on the unit. My buddy returned fire and took the driver out. He is still working for the same dept. That was a rude awakening though for him.

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    Talk about being thrown into the fire early. I'm glad the officer is alright and hope the POS suspect gets what he deserves , which is , if you want my opinion about six feet of dirt above him.

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