CLEVELAND -- Some people are saying that there's a hidden image in the Cleveland police logo on the side of their cars.
A recent newspaper article did some editing, taking away bordering and edging on an image of the logo -- and the result was the image of a pig.

TV station WEWS in Cleveland took the pig image to the streets to find out what Clevelanders thought about the image.
"Yeah, now that you point it out, it does look like a pig. Wow, that's funny, sort of," said Lakewood resident Jennifer Carrico.
Clevelander resident Nick Zalonis said, "I never noticed it before ... I think people are being paranoid, really. If you read too much into it, I guess it would look that way."
The Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association said the logo is a silhouette of the police department badge, which dates back more than 100 years. It's a part of their history, and this is not the first time in history that the pig image has come up.
"We had that in the academy. Every 10 years or so, someone comes out saying something like that. There are a lot bigger issues other than what our badge looks like," said CPPA President Steve Loomis.
The logo dates back to the late 1960s when the department revamped their look. Right after the Hough Riots, it was changed in an attempt to change the face of the police department.
WEWS spoke with some Cleveland police officers, none of whom were bothered by the logo or the claims.

Cleveland Police logo (on the left)