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    Witness Contradicts CHP Account of Shooting

    Another OIS

    Witness: CHP shooting of Stockton man unprovoked

    The Associated Press
    Article Launched: 08/26/2008 10:05:18 AM PDT

    STOCKTON, Calif.A witness says a man shot dead by California Highway Patrol officers was not charging the officers with his truck as they allege.
    According to the CHP, officers shot 21-year-old Joseph Pinasco after he ignored their warnings to stop and then charged them with the truck early Sunday morning. The confrontation followed a short chase when officers tried to pull Pinasco over for driving erratically.

    But Geri Wade, who lives on the rural road where the shooting occurred, says Pinasco's truck was stuck between a fence and a ditch and the officers "did not give him one second of a chance."

    The incident is under investigation, and the officers have been placed on administrative leave.
    Information from: The Record, http://www.recordnet.com/

    CHP Officers Shoot, Kill Driver In Stockton

    CBS 5 CrimeWatch

    STOCKTON (AP) ― The California Highway Patrol is investigating the fatal shooting of a man who officers say revved his engine and drove toward them in his truck.

    21-year-old Joseph Pinasco of Stockton died at the scene Sunday.

    According to investigators, CHP officers were responding to calls of possible street racing when they spotted a truck going erratically near Highway 4.

    After a short chase, the driver lost control and the truck spun around to face the two officers, who drew their guns and ordered the driver to stop.

    Investigators say he accelerated toward them and the officers opened fire.

    A CHP spokesman says it's unlikely Pinasco had been involved in the racing.
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    Screw the "witnesses". Did the Officers believe they were in danger of death or great bodily harm? WHo is to say the stuck truck could not be freed? What is the credibility of the "witnesses"? What vantage pont did they observe the incident?

    Benifit of the doubt goes to the Officers. Kind of like when a Detroit Officer shot a deaf man with a rake.
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