Sat Mar 4, 4:52 AM ET

A jury convicted a 77-year-old man of attempted second-degree murder for shooting a private detective in the back as he attempted to repossess the aging car dealer's beloved 1951 Rolls-Royce.

John Harper faces more than five years in prison for the May 2005 shooting of Emery Goad, which he said was in self defense. The bullet narrowly missed Goad's heart, hospitalizing him in critical condition.

"I don't think I should have been charged in the first place," Harper said after jurors convicted him Friday.

Goad, who has since recovered, and two other men went to Harper's duplex with court papers giving them authorization to take the green Rolls.

Steve Mank, Harper's lawyer, insisted that Harper acted in self-defense. Harper claimed he fired two shots only after he saw Bud Redburn, one of Goad's associates, reach inside his coat and someone say, "Take him down."

Redburn testified that he wore a pistol under his coat but never drew it.

Sentencing has been set for April 28.

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