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    Car To Car Shooting

    It hasn't hit the news as yet so the details are sketchy, but early this morning in the City of Rialto, CA an reserve officer had just gotten off duty and was at a service station gassing his personal vehicle. He was confronted by some locals who apparently recognized him.

    As he left the station, the idiots began following him and popped some caps at his car and sped off. He cell phoned the PD and followed the malcontents while providing details, etc.

    Colton PD and Rialto PD stopped the ill brained idiots and took them into custody at gun point. During the course of trying to get away, they apparently threw the weapon(s); however, witnesses near the scene confirmed that they heard shots fired.

    The reserve officer was uninjured and the dips were booked for attempted murder - among other charges.

    All-in-all, good job on the officer's part. Level headed thinking and smart outcome.

    Before the criticism starts, yes, he was armed but chose the above manner to address the issues rather than get into a shootout. I commend his decision.
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    Glad it worked out well. Sounds like he made a good decision which saved his life. I don't see how anyone can criticize that? We're vulnerable human beings, not invincible robots.

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    I'm glad that he is OK
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    Rialto is getting its share of news coverage lately... Glad he is ok!

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