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    Talking Driver Arrested for Farting on Officer


    Man's Fart Sparked Battery Charge

    Last Edited: Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008, 5:38 PM CDT
    Created: Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008, 5:38 PM CDT

    Read the Fart Criminal Complaint (PDF)

    A man being arrested for driving under the influence added insult to injury on Monday night, according to police in West Virginia.

    According to a criminal complaint, Jose Cruz intentionally passed gas on an officer who was processing him for arrest.

    Paperwork from the arrest shows Cruz was originally pulled over for driving without headlights. He failed a field sobriety test and was brought back to the police station, where he was given a breathalyzer test and was fingerprinted.

    That's when police say Cruz "lifted his leg and passed gas loudly on [Patrolman] Parsons... then fanned the air with his hand in front of his rear."

    Between this action and several struggles with handcuffs, Cruz ended up with a battery on a police officer charge, two counts of obstruction, plus a DUI and a driving without headlights charge. His bond was $5,000.

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    That will be dropped. Must have been a rookie who locked him up.
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    lol, I just found this article and was about to post it. You beat me to it Charlie!

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    I don't think that was a battery. I think ASSault would have been the proper charge.
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    The guy was drunk and probably thought it was HI-larious...and if I had been another cop watching I would think it was funny too. Must have been a new guy that doesn't know how to deal with drunks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by deputysykes View Post
    I don't think that was a battery. I think ASSault would have been the proper charge.

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    Seriously. What's the fun in charging him? Guys like this make their own bed. I would have done nothing, and watch the drunk escalate things. My favorite thing to do with irate drunks is wait for them to piss, shit, or spit in my cells. Then I use their shirt to mop up their mess. I just do it while they're still wearing it.
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    I would've just told the jailer that I heard the guy say something about being suicidal so they strip him of his clothes and give him the ol' heavy turtle shell blanket.
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