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    Thumbs down Media discovers Moderator of V.P. debate wrote a pro-Obama book to be released during the presidential inauguration

    WASHINGTON: Gwen Ifill, who is moderating Thursday's vice-presidential debate, is releasing a book on Barack Obama and other young black politicians who are "forging a bold new path to political power."

    Picture of Gwen Ifill

    Questions are being raised about the objectivity of Thursday's vice presidential debate moderator after news surfaced that she is releasing a new book promoting Barack Obama and other black politicians who have benefited from the civil rights struggle.
    Gwen Ifill, of PBS' "The NewsHour," is expected to remain as moderator, however.
    "The book has been a known factor for months, so I'm not sure what the big deal is," said NewsHour spokeswoman Anne Bell.
    She told FOXNews.com that there were no concerns about Ifill's neutrality, and that the debate Thursday between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden would go forward as planned. Ifill also moderated the 2004 vice presidential debate.
    "We were pleased that the (debate) commission once again turned to Gwen to moderate the debate," Bell said. "They've known and trusted her as a moderator and that's wonderful."
    Ifill's book, "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama," is due to be released about the same time the next president takes the oath of office.
    In her book, Ifill contends that the black political structure of the civil rights movement has cleared the way for post-racial politicians to ascend to new heights.
    Now some are wondering whether Ifill can be fair and balanced, and whether she should be the moderator of Thursday's 9 p.m. ET debate.
    "Clearly her books aren't going to do as well unless Obama wins, so it looks like she has some investment, literally, in one candidate or the other. And she's supposed to be sitting there as a neutral arbiter during the debate," said NPR's Juan Williams, a FOX News contributor. "I think the world of Gwen Ifill but I know there's a perception problem."
    John McCain told FOX News Wednesday he believes Ifill will be "objective" at the debate.
    "Does this help if she has written a book that's favorable to Senator Obama? Probably not," McCain said. "But I have confidence Gwen Ifill will do a professional job."
    Web site WorldNetDaily reported on the Ifill book Tuesday night.
    FOX News political analyst Michelle Malkin argued in a post on National Review that Ifill is "so far in the tank for the Democratic presidential candidate, her oxygen delivery line is running."

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    Sure, no bias or financial conflict of interests there. Right wing propaganda I'm sure.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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    All the media are biased and for the most part against McCain. The presidential debate wasn't any different except the moderator didn't brag about it with a book. Should we get Charlie Gibson to replace her now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiphos View Post
    All the media are biased and for the most part against McCain. The presidential debate wasn't any different except the moderator didn't brag about it with a book. Should we get Charlie Gibson to replace her now?

    No one who keeps up with the news is going to be free of all biases. At least someone who has written a book has laid her cards on the table and can be called out if she acts on her biases, and it could backfire and cause sympathy for the one she is biased against.



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