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    Cool Teachers screwing students...old news. Teachers screwing teachers in a faculty sex ring.....cool

    AUGUSTA, Ga -- A bombshell out of the Richmond County school system. Were Spirit Creek Middle School faculty members having sex with each other on campus while class was in session last year? That's the question at the heart of an investigation.
    An e-mail sparked an internal affairs investigation at the Richmond County school system and tonight parents and Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden are talking only to News 12.
    Class is in session this year at Spirit Creek Middle, but what may have happened there last year between faculty members is now under investigation.
    The allegations include accusations that faculty members were having sex with each other here on school property during school hours.
    The accused include teachers, members of the administration and a former school public safety officer.
    "Wow. Wow. That's shocking. That's really shocking." Bonita Blocker's daughter is a seventh grader at Spirit Creek Middle School. "Anything like that should not be going on in the school system especially with the testing scores that we're putting out here -- everything that they do here should be concentrating on the children."
    Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden agrees. "Initially some of the things communicated you would think should be something that's people's personal nature but then when they are making allegations of this happening at school, then yeah it becomes shocking."
    It's the first investigation like this Dr. Bedden has seen in his career. "The nature of the allegations as well as the fact it could lead to someone not having a job or the ability to effective in their job makes it very very important people don't jump to conclusions."
    So he's asking the community and parents for patience. "If they turn out to be true, it's very serious with the pieces that's been levied as accusations but the the first thing we want to do is make sure we are fair and make sure we do a full investigation."
    That could take time. But Bonita agrees it's worth it. "Morally, ethically wrong. Just totally wrong. I pray that there is no substance to it but if there is, I know Dr. Bedden will deal with it accordingly."
    So how much time could this take? Dr. Bedden says they hope to have the investigation wrapped up by sometime next week, so make sure to stay with News 12 for the latest on this developing story.
    If any of the allegations are found to be true, Dr. Bedden says depending on the severity of the act, current employees may face the ultimate reprimand: termination.

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    Nothing like dipping the pen in some company ink...
    "The inherent vice of Capitalism is the unequal sharing of its blessings; the inherent vice of Socialism is the equal sharing of its miseries." -Winston Churchill

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    That's just one county over from me.
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    I'm fascinated by the investigations we spawn when we pursue sex...

    If we put half that much energy into investigating politicians like Obama, we'd be set to revitalize our politics.
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    Is that what they mean by teaching being a "rewarding career"?

    I think I'd be more worried about how many 12-year-olds are having sex with each other. I'm sure every school has a few (probably much more than a few).

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    Looks like they're just following Europe's lead. Next that school district will have glory holes installed in every bathroom in the schools...
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    I love it- the verasity of the whole article hinges on three little words: "If it's true..."

    I love integrity in journalism.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10-42Adam View Post
    Looks like they're just following Europe's lead. Next that school district will have glory holes installed in every bathroom in the schools...
    ...and condom machines in the bathrooms. Ugh!!!

    Choose The Right. When you're doing whats right, then you have nothing to worry about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    That's just one county over from me.
    looks like it's time to put your app in with the Greatest School Ever!!!!!!! Don't forget your gag ball!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jenna
    he (Obama) doesn't have a birth certificate because he wasn't born, he was created in a Muslim witch's cauldron!
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