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    Driver hits child, 8, flees from scene

    Here's another one to add to the Stupid Idiot category.
    Thank God the citizens got involved to help police nail this dumbass!

    Driver hits child, 8, flees from scene

    Stockton, CA police say information from witnesses helped lead to swift arrest

    By Roger Phillips

    Record Staff Writer
    October 07, 2008 6:00 AM

    STOCKTON - An 8-year-old boy known by family and friends as "Pork Chop" was critically injured Monday afternoon in north Stockton after being struck and thrown at least 20 feet by a hit-and-run driver who was later arrested, police said.

    Clyde Baker, a third-grade student at Wagner Holt Elementary School, was brought by helicopter to the University of California, Davis, Medical Center in Sacramento after suffering "major trauma" in the accident, according to Stockton police spokesman Pete Smith. Late Monday, the hospital reported Clyde's condition had been listed as stable.

    The accident occurred about 2:30 p.m. at Kelley Drive and Charleston Court, Smith said.

    Not long after the accident, police arrested Seila Tieng, 22, of Stockton, whom they suspect, based on witnesses' accounts, of driving the small, dark-colored, foreign-made car that struck Clyde.

    Police cordoned off a three-block stretch of Kelley Drive as they investigated the collision. One of Clyde's Heelys - a sneaker with rollers on the bottom - lay on the ground where it landed after the collision. A witness to the crash, 12-year-old Alex Oblia, said Clyde was thrown 20 feet through the air by the northbound car and landed on his face.

    "He was looking at me, trying to come across the street," Alex said. "The car went full speed and hit him."

    Clyde's brother, 10-year-old Derek Powell, added, "They didn't try to see who or what they hit."

    Derek said Clyde - who enjoys karate, football, soccer and playing with cars - is nicknamed "Pork Chop" because "he was a little fat when he was a baby."

    Anishenika Jackson, 12, fought off tears as she spoke of her cousin.

    "He's like my brother," said Anishenika, who lives in the same house as Clyde. The crash occurred directly in front of their house.

    Smith credited witnesses with helping police quickly locate and arrest a suspect.

    "Citizens staying involved and getting information to police is the best resource we have," Smith said.

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    Prayers to the child...I hope he recovers :sad:
    Arm the sheep!

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    Prayers out for Clyde. Hang in there, "Pork Chop".

    And as for the beotch that hit him? Back a bus about three blocks from her and nail her azz head-on. Maybe she'll understand how it feels. Low life trash!!

    (Sorry, guess I just have a soft spot for kids. And zero sympathy for those that hurt them.)


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    Hope the child recovers.

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    Prayers for the boy's recovery.



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