Experts Say Prices Will Continue To Drop

POSTED: 11:44 pm CDT October 8, 2008
UPDATED: 8:09 am CDT October 9, 2008

FORT WORTH, Texas --

Motorists drove for miles on Wednesday to fill up on gas at prices below $3 a gallon in Fort Worth.

Video: Drivers Line Up For $2.74 Gas

NBC 5 found several stations with prices below $3 on the west side of the Metroplex, but the dramatic drops have yet to hit Dallas.

A Texaco on Las Vegas Trail just south of Interstate 30 had gas for $2.74 a gallon.
"Two-seventy-five is the lowest," one driver said. "I never thought it was going to be so low. It's great."

Another motorist said she was "loving it to death."
"I'm going to try to get as much as I can," she said. "As much as my money lets me hold, I'm going to get it."

The price drop drew long lines of drivers to the gas station.
"Look around you," one woman said. "You can't beat the price right now."
But the prices were still sporadic. At the Valero station across the street, gas was 35 cents higher.

Prices have not fallen as fast in Dallas yet, but experts said the drops are on the way.
"As oil prices go down -- (they're) $85 a barrel now -- gasoline prices are going to start to tumble pretty quickly," said Dan Ronan, of the American Automobile Association.

Some gas station owners said they're even selling at a slight loss, to keep customers coming back.

"Let's put it this way, I'm just giving to the community," said gas station owner Abrahim Rahemen. "I'm losing some money, but that's OK, though."
Customers said they are more than OK with the prices.

"Oh, I'm loving it," one woman said.