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    child rape suspect ARRAIGNED at a school


    Child Rape Suspect Arraigned At Local High School
    Friday, November 7, 2008 – updated: 4:59 pm EST November 7, 2008

    SHADYSIDE, Ohio --
    A man accused of sexually assaulting several children was arraigned at a Belmont County high school as part of an educational program.

    David Clemons is accused of raping and molesting several children over the past 20 years.

    Numerous judicial proceedings are held at various high schools as part of the High School Live Court program led by Northern Division Belmont County Court Judge Frank Fregiato.

    Friday, Clemons was arraigned at Shadyside High School as students looked on.Superintendent Terry Brinker said having an accused child rapist walk in the school today makes kids aware of potential consequences and their actions.

    "This isn't in front of the television. This isn't made up. This is real life. These are real-life people," Brinker said.

    Several parents agreed."I think our children need to be aware and exposed to those things because, even though we live in a small community, those problems are everywhere," said one parent.

    Another parent said, "It can show the students what's out there, how to protect themselves from certain people and to learn what the consequences are.

    When asked if he felt having an accused child rapist inside the school was appropriate, Brinker said he leaves a decision like that up to the judge.

    Fregiato said Clemons is no different than any other accused offender. He said the purpose of the High School Live Court program is to demonstrate to students that crime is real and there are consequences for actions.

    Still, other parents said observing a driving under the influence trial or writing bad checks is one thing, but think an accused child rapist should have his proceedings in a courtroom, not a school.

    The judge said he has a very open relationship with the administration, and if they do not want to be part of the court appearance, they don't have to.

    Brinker said the court proceedings are monitored very closely from the moment the defendant walks in, to the moment they are driven away to ensure student safety.

    Parents must also sign a permission slip for their children to attend the court proceedings, and students can ask questions and talk with their teachers afterward.
    I think it's ludicrous for anyone to be arraigned at a school, even a high school. IMO if they want to educate students they should show live video or *GASP* have a field trip to a secure courtroom. It also appears that all court proceedings, not just the arraignments, are held in school. http://www.judgefregiato.net/hscourt.html
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    I bet the perp. was very happy to be surrounded with potential victim's. Probably had a big assed woody.
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    Sometimes I think many or most of our society are living in vacuums. Now, if you made his execution public, that's another story
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinki View Post
    Sometimes I think many or most of our society are living in vacuums. Now, if you made his execution public, that's another story
    + 1
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