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    Drug Cartels Flex Muscle In Southwest

    Drug Cartels Flex Muscle In Southwest

    11/12/08 CBS News-Phoenix

    It's a phone call few Americans will ever hear: "He's going to lose his finger, don't let him lose his life."

    That's the terrifying sound of a kidnapper demanding money in exchange for the life of a loved one. It's hard to believe but calls like these come in virtually every single day in Phoenix, Ariz., which last year set up a special task force to battle back, CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports.

    "The status of the problem is one that is going to explode across our country," said Lt. Lauri Burgett of the Phoenix Police Department's Violent Crimes Bureau.

    Just last weekend a mother and her 3-year-old daughter were kidnapped by Mexican meth dealers seeking money owed by the dad. She was eventually released unharmed.

    So was another man, but only after being tortured for three days by smugglers. His wife had to listen to his screams over the phone - as well as field $100,000 for ransom. "They tried to take out the eyes and the ears and the finger, also," she said.

    In fact, law enforcement sources tell CBS News that Phoenix has become ground zero for the explosion in the reported number of kidnappings and home invasions involving drug traffickers and criminals with connections to the Mexican drug cartels.

    A CBS News investigation has discovered that as of last weekend, there have been 266 reported kidnappings and 300 home invasions this year alone. Sources say the real figures could run as much as three times higher because so many go unreported.

    "It wasn't uncommon to have a new kidnapping case coming into our offices on a daily basis," Burgett said.

    Law-enforcement sources say the kidnappings signal the brutal expansion of the raging Mexican drug wars spilling across the border. And one map reveals just how widely Mexican drug organizations have spread across the country - 195 cities in all.
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    Don't consort with drug dealers and you won't have to worry about your family being kidnapped?


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    I'm not so sure, Indiana.....for the most part it seems to be related to the drug business but nearly everybody agrees that it will spread and probably soon.

    If we can't get a handle on our southern order, why wouldn't these bastards move on to bigger fish. They don't appear to be afraid of anything...they even shoot at our soldiers along the border, and we all know what that got the Iraqi assholes.

    Pay attention if you are working in the southwest....why wouldn't they come after your family if you popped one of theirs or were going to testify.

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    Kidnapping for profit is a secondary pursuit for drug cartels.

    It's huge in Mexico City, where they kill the person anyway. They prey on illegals on this side of the border, counting on them being too afraid to report it to authorities.
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