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    New Bank Policy : Topless Only

    Made you look

    Are bank robbers more scared of violating dress codes than the other laws they'd be breaking? Sounds to me like a CYA policy to avoid lawsuits from Unabomber look-a-likes who are stopped more than an actual deterrent to, or aid in solving, a bank robbery. What's your take?

    Golden One Credit Unions: No More Hats Worn Inside


    All Golden One Banks in our area are enforcing a new dress code: no hats. CBS13 went to one of the branches to find out why they're forcing customers to take off their hats when they set foot inside the bank.

    "Typically, they [robbers] have a hood pulled up, they have sunglasses on or they have a hat with a visor pulled down," says Teresa Halleck, President and CEO of Golden One Credit Union.

    Robbers rarely leave home without their disguises, which also help the FBI come up with those creative nicknames. Remember the Straw Hat Bandit? And who could forget the pony-tail bandit?

    "You do kinda feel alarmed when someone has a hood on their head and cap over their face and things of that nature," says Veronica Crenshaw, a Golden One customer.

    That's why all 77 branches of Golden One Credit Union will kindly ask anyone who walks in to take-off hats and sunglasses.

    "In the beginning I was upset; 'what's going on?' Now it's routine," says Ryan Martinez, a customer.

    Golden One President Teresa Halleck says some customers complain, but the majority appreciate security measures that will allow surveillance cameras to capture clear pictures of facial features.

    "Take it off. I have no problem with it, I haven't done anything wrong," explains one customer.

    The dress policy, posted right on the door, may also cause a potential thief to think twice.

    "There was somebody robbing banks in the San Francisco area, with that type of approach, and they did not come into our branch," said Halleck. "So, we believe it may have helped us avoid that particular situation."

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    Thats not a new crime prevention tool. approx 5 years ago we were experiencing alot of robberies in miami-dae, broward & palm beach. Non violent, you know, leave a note, & the tellers are instructed to follow thru. we went to every single bank in our city (we have over 50) and asked them to post a sign at the entrance to the bank to " please remove sunglasses and hats upon entering this establishment". All we could do is ask... up to corporate if they complied or not... some did, some didnt

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    Got a few banks here, including the one I use, that do that. I think it's a good policy and one that an honest person should have no problem with.
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    we've been getting a few bank robberies around me, but the last few of them they got some excellent videos & pics of the perp.



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