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    Nebraska's notorious "butt bandit" was charged today with a public indecency spree in which he allegedly lathered his private parts in baby lotion....

    OVEMBER 25--Nebraska's notorious "butt bandit" was charged today with a public indecency spree in which he allegedly lathered his private parts in baby lotion and then left "butt and penis prints on local business windows" in the city of Valentine. Thomas Larvie, named today in a nine-count misdemeanor criminal complaint, was arrested last Wednesday after Officer Dana Miller spotted him "trying to hide in the shadows" near a parking lot. A detailed (and gross) probable cause affidavit, a copy of which you'll find below, notes that Larvie, 35, was wearing a handkerchief over his face and had a 16.5 ounce bottle of "Baby Magic Baby Lotion" in his pants pocket when approached by Miller at around 3:30 AM. Oh, and Larvie's "erect penis was partially protruding" from his unzipped pants. A subsequent police investigation determined that eight Valentine businesses--including the post office, a livestock firm, and a pharmacy--had been left with butt and/or penis prints on their doors and windows. Some of the firms also had pages from a pornographic magazine stuck on the exterior of their premises. Jay Hollenbeck's Farm Bureau was hit particularly hard, with "penis prints on a west window, a butt and penis print on a south window, a penis print on a west window, and a penis print on the door." According to the Cherry County Attorney, police had spent several months probing prior lotion incidents before Larvie's November 19 bust. Following his arrest, Larvie told police, "I'm mental, I think I will kill myself." After being booked into the county jail, Larvie was transported for "emergency protective custody" to Great Plains Regional Medical Center.

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    I'm sure that Farm Bureau was hit hard.

    Unless he does get committed, he will be back at it in no time.

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    Valentine is famous a few days a year when they process letters for, well, Valentine's Day. (Hope Tom didn't give any his special postmark) It's the county seat for Cherry, a county famous for nothing, but notable for having as many square miles as people.

    Makes me wonder how many folks around town knew all along and either hoped it would stop so they could continue to go unnoticed or were willing to let it continue to have a coffee shop topic.



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