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    Thumbs down Florida Sheriff finds new way to clear cold cases...just mark them solved!!!

    MIAMI, March 14 (UPI) -- The pressure to resolve criminal cases at one Florida sheriff's office caused supervisors to allegedly order old cases revived and written up as solved.
    Deputies at the Broward County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office were instructed by immediate superiors to falsify documents, fabricate confessions and downgrade crimes, Deputy Scott Jordan and others say, to make BSO more attractive to taxpayers and cities that pay the agency for policing, The Miami Herald reported.
    Sheriff Ken Jenne vowed ''a wave of discipline'' after he announced in February 2004 that the Broward State Attorney's Office was investigating a crime-reporting scandal in his agency, but only six deputies have been charged with official misconduct -- a felony.
    BSO hired Fort Lauderdale lawyer, Tom Panza, a well-known, politically connected Broward attorney and longtime friend of Jenne, to conduct an internal investigation.
    Last week, Panza said the 17-month review is wrapping up and that he has found no evidence of anyone above the rank of detective involved in the scandal.
    ''Everyone wants to point the finger at us,'' said Jordan, who is cooperating with prosecutors. ``We're the lowest of the rank and file, but the reality is that it came from the top.''

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    You can bet that they are doing it under pressure, if not by consent of the command people. But the detectives will take all the heat.
    When I used to be somebody (I'm center top)

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    yeah they will....

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    I know two deputies from that agency who spent 31 years a piece there. One worked homicide, the other in U.C. narcotics. They are now reserve deputies working cold case homicides for my agency. I went through the four week classroom training session with them and we got to talk A LOT about Broward County.

    All this stuff terminator copied in, starts at the top with the Sheriff. The Sheriff has put MASSIVE amounts of pressure on command staff and street level deputies to get crime down, and cases solved. The two deputies I know of, knew of quite a few people who were ORDERED to change the types of crimes, and to classify them as solved when they were still open. The Sheriff there is a real Nazi. He'll put street level deputies in off the street, into a massive meeting and question them on why certain crimes are happening in their beat (or why crime isn't down to an acceptable level), and why they haven't done anything about it. In front of their direct supervisors, who then get an asschewing after the Deputy.

    This is what happens when a SHERIFF is elected who has NO prior LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPERIANCE. I've heard more about this place, and from what I hear, it disgusts me.

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    I only learned two things when I went to plumbing school:

    1) Shit Always rolls down hill.
    2) Payday is on Friday.

    This is a perfect example of political corruption at work. It is alive and well in 2006.
    'The Art of War' teaches us to "Rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's coming, but on our own readiness to receive him"--Sun Tsu

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    Well it's in the corporate world too. When I worked insurance SIU all the brass wanted was how many cases did you get and what did you save.

    To get numbers up they sent you on crap that had no business being investigated, with no chance of any fraud or subrogation savings. Just numbers to justify their existence.

    Justifying one's job implies one may falsify information, which gave insurance plaintiff attorneys the opportunity to rip you on the stand.

    Reason #2 why I'll never work for an insurance company again.

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    My CJ professor (currently an officer himself) told us of a county in Texas that would report all deaths in the county as Death of Unknown Cause (or the equivalent) to the FBI for their UCR's, therefore those wouldn't actually appear as an Index Crime.

    Only after they cleared a murder case would they change it from a Death to a Murder for the UCR's - Thus, their Murder clearence rate showed up as 100% in their UCR's.

    The FBI supposedly sent an audit team down and put a stop to that nonsense, because no large county or city has a 100% clearence rate. Wish I could remember which County he said it was.
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