Updated 1:29 PM
Alleged Sodomy Victim To Sue City, NYPD For $200 Million

By: NY1 News

The Brooklyn man who has accused three police officers of beating and sodomizing him in a Brooklyn subway station plans to sue the city, the NYPD, and the officers involved for $200 million.

NY1 exclusively learned today that Michael Mineo has filed a notice to claim, more than two months after his alledged attack. A City Law spokesperson says they are evaluating the legal papers.

Mineo says the three police officers attacked him inside the Prospect Park subway station in October.

Officer Richard Kern turned himself in last week. He is accused of sodomizing Mineo with his police baton and is charged with aggravated sexual abuse and assault. He could face a maximum of 25 years in prison if convicted.

Officers Alex Cruz, and Andrew Morales also turned themselves in and are charged with hindering prosecution and official misconduct.

The three are also charged with misdemeanors, including falsifying records.

They have all have plead not guilty.
In July 2001, police attack victim Abner Louima sued the city and the Police Benevolent Association for $155 million. The case was settled for $8.75 million.
[/quote]Everyone saw this lawsuit coming. I didn't believe that Louima was sodomized either, until the facts came out in court, but there are a lot of things that don't add up here. I remember when the story came out there were 'witnesses' that nothing happened to the guy. His story also changed; I think if someone shoved something up my ass I would know the difference between an ASP baton and a small floppy radio antennae. The thing that struck me as craziest of all was that this all allegedly happened on a crowded subway platform in the middle of the day. All I can say now is WTF?