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    Police called when MJ stolen

    FAIRBANKS -- Fairbanks police got an unusual report on Christmas morning. A man told them his marijuana had been stolen at gunpoint.

    Police were called to the man's home around 5 a.m. People inside the home at the time told police that two men came in, displayed a gun and demanded drugs. Sgt. Greg Foster said the robbers then took an undisclosed amount of cash and "a personal use baggie of marijuana."
    One of the victims gave chase to the men, until one of them turned and fired one shot at him, which missed.
    One suspect was described as a black man, the other Native.
    An Alaska State Trooper K-9 unit showed up at the scene and was able to determine that the men had fled in a vehicle, though no one was able to provide a description of the car.

    Police said if the marijuana was recovered, its owner likely would not face charges as it was a small amount. But they said they would not return it to him, either.
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    My old dept. had a case similar. Crack dealer shoots a home invader who was gonna take his dope and $$. He would have been ok.....had he called 911 and not tried to hide the body. He then took a fed dope conviction and a concealment of homicidal death. dum ditty dum ditty dum dum dum
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    90% of our home invasions are drug rips but usually people are smart enough not to admit it.
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