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    Ex-Hastings (MN) officer, city reach $105K settlement

    Former police officer Valerie Scharfe and the city of Hastings have reached a $105,000 settlement.
    Scharfe resigned from the department on Jan.15 after claims surfaced that she filed 37 fake traffic warnings over a two-year span to fill a department quota.
    The Hastings Police Department requires officers to make at least two traffic stops per 11-hour shift.
    Thirteen of the false tickets were issued to people who do not exist, according to the criminal complaint. Of the remaining 24 tickets, 22 were issued to people who are in the Department of Motor Vehicles’ records.
    Investigators contacted the people who were ticketed and all denied even driving in Hastings on the dates Scharfe recorded.
    Scharfe, the first female officer on the Hastings force, was charged for the ticket incidents and shortly after, filed a lawsuit against the city.
    The suit against the city claimed gender discrimination and a hostile work environment within the police department. Both the city and Scharfe denied any unethical conduct and a deal was reached Monday.
    In March, Scharfe told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the fraudulent traffic tickets were nothing more than a clerical error.
    "I made errors in writing down driver's license numbers," Scharfe said. "I know I've done nothing wrong."
    The 15-year veteran explained the mistakes were due to a prescription medication, which affected her vision.
    "It's a huge side effect. It's not anything new to me," she stated.
    Scharfe wouldn't name the medication, but said she needed the drugs due to years of sexual harassment by top police administrators.
    "I was hit on, I was told certain things I shouldn't have been told, I was propositioned," said Scharfe.
    She said she didn't speak up sooner because she needed the job.
    "I don't think I could get a job in law enforcement again," she said.


    So she's charged with writing fake tickets, yet is awarded a settlement with the city? I'm confused

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    Just goes to show if you're going to accuse anyone of such misconduct, you better be ready to back it up. I'm so disgruntled with my city over a couple of things that I'm glad she got ahead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiGywer View Post
    So she's charged with writing fake tickets, yet is awarded a settlement with the city? I'm confused
    That's because you're using old fashioned thinking.

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    Or, the sexual harassment she described actually did occur and the city decided to settle because they'd have lost.

    Not taking her side, she's still a lying bitch, but I wouldn't be surprised one bit if she really did have a sexual harassment case
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    Give her the money for the harassment and then fire her ass for lying on official documents/taking medication that impairs her ability to work reliably.
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    I notice that she didn't file until AFTER she was caught. Maybe I've been on the management side of things for too long, but as far as I'm concerned, she's got nothing coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keith720 View Post
    I notice that she didn't file until AFTER she was caught. Maybe I've been on the management side of things for too long, but as far as I'm concerned, she's got nothing coming.
    Keith I have to agree with both you and Xiphos. Why is it all of sudden once her come to light the blame for responsibility has to be shifted elsewhere to the department itself for "making her" do the things she did?

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