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    Cops fall all over each other trying to arrest 14-year-old kid who was taking "aggressive stance" at shopping mall, Taser him "as a last resort"

    Salt Lake City police used a stun gun on a 14-year-old boy after they say he refused to leave The Gateway mall and resisted arrest on Saturday night. Around 8 p.m. Saturday, police said a group of kids was trying to pick a fight with a second group.
    Gateway security officers asked the group to leave the mall, but they refused and at least one boy actively fought with officers, police said.
    "He said his group was waiting for someone, and they were not leaving until they did so -- despite what police and security officers were telling them to do," said Salt Lake City Police Department Detective Dennis McGowan.
    The boy cursed at officers and clenched his fists, taking "an aggressive stance," McGowan said.
    McGowan said the boy refused to turn around to be arrested and pushed back at officers.
    "He wouldn't go on the ground, and officers were unable to gain control," McGowan said. "Apparently they were falling on top of each other, so as a last resort, the officer pulled out his Taser."
    The boy was taken to a local juvenile detention center.

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    Oh well.
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    Keep in mind that I have a reputation as a shit stirrer....

    When my Daughter was in 8th grade, the school resource officer tazed a very large 13 year old kid who tried to attack her. This caused quite the shit storm with the local NAACP, and the rest of the professional complainers.

    A few days later I was dropping my Daughter off at school and the school cop was standing out front. I made it a point to walk up to her and in a very loud voice tell her that I thought she did a great job and to hell with anyone who thought differently.

    The l;ooks I got going back to my truck were priceless.
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    I'm not gonna say they were wrong. I've been to our "school for shit head kids" multiple times back when I was on days, and they've got some big as 13,14,15,16 yr olds there.
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