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    40-year-old flashes gang signs at 25-year-old neighbor. Then things get all penisy

    PORT ST. LUCIE, FL -- A man told police he saw something he didn't want to see recently: his neighbor's penis.
    And he said it wasn't by accident.
    The 25-year-old told an officer he'd backed out of his driveway and discovered his 40-year-old male neighbor was following him. When he turned around to go back home, the neighbor turned around too.
    The younger man said when he got out of his car, the older guy “threw up some gang signs, pulled out his penis and swung it around.”
    Not so, said older guy.
    Noting an ongoing issue between the two, the officer suggested the two might want to consider a mediator to resolve their differences.

    The Other Side To The Story

    A 25-year-old man told police his older neighbor displayed gang signs and swung his penis around over the weekend during a disturbance that an investigator suggested mediation could benefit, according to a recently released report.
    The 25-year-old man said the 11:20 a.m. Sunday incident happened after he backed out of his driveway in the 2900 block of Southwest Prince Road. He told investigators his 40-year-old neighbor was behind him. He headed back home and the neighbor also turned around.
    The younger man told police when he got out of his vehicle the 40-year-old man threatened him and “threw up some gang signs, pulled out his penis, swung it around” and told him to engage in a lewd act, the report states.
    The 40-year-old neighbor told police he was doing laundry when the other man said, “Look at the (expletive) doing laundry.” He said he wasn’t following the younger man and didn’t expose himself.
    Noting an ongoing issue between the men, the officer suggested the neighbors could benefit from mediation and referred the incident to a district support officer.

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    Apparently there were three dicks involved in that incident!

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