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    Homeless Man Damages Police Car In Front of Officers

    FREDERICK, Md. - You probably wouldn't commit a crime right in front of two police officers, but one man's accused of doing just that.

    The reason? He says he wanted to go to jail!

    Most of us wouldn't be willing give up our freedom, but if you have no food and no place to get warm in the middle of winter, jail starts to look pretty good.

    Police say early Sunday morning 22-year-old Robert Jenifer grabbed a cinderblock and threw it directly at the windshield of a police cruiser in the parking lot of police headquarters in downtown Frederick. The car was empty at the time, but two officers were standing nearby.

    Jenifer told police he's tired of not having food or a home and wanted to go to jail. He was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property.

    Advocates for the homeless say it's no surprise to them that someone would get so desperate he'd actually want to go to jail. They say they hear it quite often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
    Advocates for the homeless say it's no surprise to them that someone would get so desperate he'd actually want to go to jail. They say they hear it quite often.
    These are the dumbasses that will spend your money to help the homeless.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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    That happens a lot around here, especially when the weather gets unseasonably cold. I've known of a couple of old men with extensive criminal records commit crimes and then wait for us to get there. One old guy told me that he had no retirement or anything else. In the joint, he would get fed, a place to sleep and pretty good health care. He was too old for anyone to mess with so it made a great retirement home for someone like him.....

    Most of the homeless around here though are mentally ill. People that were in mental hospitals until the do gooders decided they would be better off "in the community". I feel sorry for those, the simply can't assimilate into society and should be taken care of.
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    Yeah, that's pretty common around here, actually. It won't be to that degree most times, but they'll do what they need to to get a hot meal and a bed for even just one night.
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    It happens in my neck of the woods also. They haven't gone to the lengths to damage PD property yet. Usually they just commit a burg at a grocery store then wait to get hooked
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    Well doing a theft or robbery makes a lot of sense. If they get caught, they go to jail and have food and shelter. If they don't then they gained something for the time being and can try again. As long as they aren't religious, then it's win-win for them.



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