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    7 gang members rape a female while one of the suspect's mother watches

    Authorities called it one of the worst rape cases they could recall.

    Seven gang members and three female associates were charged Monday with raping a woman as the mother of one suspect allegedly watched and encouraged the assault, authorities said.

    The 23-year-old victim was targeted because her boyfriend had angered members of the Anaheim gang, authorities said.

    She was lured into a hotel room by a female gang associate at a Feb. 23 party then sexually assaulted over a seven-hour period, Anaheim police Chief John Welter said.

    He called it "one of the worst rapes I've seen in my 35 years experience."

    Authorities identified the 38-year-old "gang mother" as Connie Herrera Retana and her son as 18-year-old Martin Carlos Delgado. Police said the victim was lured into the room and beaten by 23-year-old Jolean Disbrow.

    "It makes you shake your head that mothers could be participating," said Orange County Assistant District Attorney Susan Kang Schroeder. "It shows how a group mentality can breed disgusting behavior."

    Four suspects were arrested in Garden Grove driving the victim's car.

    The gang members told the victim the assault was to teach her boyfriend a lesson and that she would be killed if she reported the crime, Schroeder said. Authorities declined to say what the victim's boyfriend had done.

    Along with Retana, Delgado and Disbrow, those arrested were identified as Jesse Bess, 23; Randy Calderon, 18; Keizzy Fierro, 22; Adrian Flores, 18; Raymond Jaramillo, 19; Luis Nava, 19; and a 15-year-old. One suspect, identified as 19-year-old Oscar Jose "Sporty" Barajas, remained at large.

    Each defendant was charged with four counts of forcible rape in concert. Each also faced one count of false imprisonment by violence, forcible oral copulation and forcible sexual penetration by a foreign object by force, prosecutors said.

    All but Fierro were charged with dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and criminal street gang activity. Fierro and two others were charged with receiving stolen property the victim's car. Delgado was charged with one count of unlawful taking of a vehicle.

    They were each being held in lieu of $100,000 bail, with arraignment expected Friday.

    The maximum penalties the defendants face if convicted range from 52 years to life to 184 years to life.

    It wasn't immediately known whether any of the defendants have retained attorneys. A message could not be left at the county public defender's office late Monday.

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    Burn in hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cntryboy0531
    Burn in hell.
    That about sums up my feelings as well.
    "A nation, as a society, forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society."

    -Thomas Jefferson, 1792

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    Posting my feelings on this in a Public Forum would violate the terms of service. I think we all have a general consensus as to what should happen/be done to people like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lesta311
    Posting my feelings on this in a Public Forum would violate the terms of service. I think we all have a general consensus as to what should happen/be done to people like that.
    +1. Being town apart by a pack of wild dogs would be too good for all of them.

    I hope the victim gets the help and support she needs.
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    Take them to an unlicensed vet and let him do a radical spay/neuter job on all of them

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    Aaaawwwhhh! How could you all be so cruel? Those poor boys have probably been bullied all their young lives and were only acting out their anger.
    Just kidding All the above ideas are excellent but we all know that they will get a slap on the hands.



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