NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans police have a warning for the public: beware of a police impersonator.In two separate incidents, a man wearing a dark-blue uniform-style shirt with an unknown type of patch forced his way into homes, police said.On Sunday, police said the man told a woman to get into his car because "I'm the police." The man then went inside her house and forced the woman to undress, asking "where are the drugs?" The man left after the victim told him she did not know where any drugs were, police said.On Monday night, a man wearing a uniform went to another woman's house. Police said the woman let the man in her house, at which the man told her to undress and demanded "where are the drugs?" This woman also told the man she did not know about any drugs. Police said the man fondled the woman before fleeing.Police did not immediately know what kind of uniform the man may be wearing. Police described the assailant as a black man between 5 feet 9 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall, about 200 pounds, has a muscular build and is clean-shaven with a low haircut.Police described the assailant's car as a dark-colored sport utility vehicle. The man was last seen wearing a dark-blue uniform, a belt outfitted with a radio and a flashlight. In the Sunday incident, the man's belt was equipped with a handgun.Anyone who sees a suspicious person matching this description should call 911 immediately.