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    Nanny State Health Service handing out 6-inch rubber penises to 13-year olds at health workshops. What could go wrong...

    An embarrassed father has said he was shocked when his teenage daughter returned home from a sexual health workshop with a six-inch rubber penis.
    Kevin Neal, 46, father of teenage mother Kizzy, who previously hit headlines when she fell pregnant at the age of 13, said he was "bemused" by the NHS trust's decision to dish out the spongy penises.
    Miss Neal was one of a group of young mothers who volunteered to attend a workshop given by the Chlamydia screening service at the specialist home she lives in with her 22-month-old son.
    Mr Neal, from Paignton, in Devon, told the Herald Express: "I am not prudish, and we more than most families fully appreciate the value of tackling these issues head on.
    "But it amuses and bemuses me to think that a group of healthcare professionals have spent time and come up with a presentation designed to target teenage girls that would include a replica rubber penis to be given away as a free gift.
    "We consider this to be a misappropriation of taxpayers' money and extremely offensive.
    "With the advent of free flip-flops for drunks and rubber willies for schoolgirls, you've to ask the question has Mr Roy Chubby Brown been employed as a major decision maker?"
    A spokesman for Torbay Care Trust said the product was deliberately designed to be eye-catching.
    He added they were not being given out in schools, but only to people who voluntarily attended the workshops.

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    Maybe if she had one earlier, she wouldn't be a mother at 13?

    Or maybe if she had better parents she wouldn't have/need either.
    Are you a 3%er? If you aren't, you should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsterMash View Post
    Maybe if she had one earlier, she wouldn't be a mother at 13?
    LOL, I was going to say exactly the same thing!!



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