METHUEN A man was arrested after police said he left an obscenity-filled note on a neighbor's door, smashed a ceramic pot in their yard, threatened them with a stick, and exposed himself to them.
Police said William Parris IV, 26, of 61 Ormonde Road, was upset over a minor car crash involving his wife and neighbors earlier in the day.
Police said Parris told them he went to the home of Anita Vallone and Francisco Oliveira, 71 Ormonde Road, to leave a note on the door, and while he was there he smashed a ceramic pot that was in their yard out of anger. He told police he then had an argument in the street with them and returned to his home.
The couple told police they came home to find a broken planter and a note on the door that was riddled with vulgarities. As the neighbors were on the phone with the police, they said Parris walked back up the street carrying a bat-like stick and threatened them. They said Parris then dropped him pants and exposed himself to them, then told them if he got arrested he would be back to kill Oliveira and burn their house down, police said.
Parris was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, open and gross lewdness, intimidation of a witness, threatening to commit a crime, murder, threatening to commit a crime, arson, and malicious damage to property, police said.