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    Two Wives, Same Complex = Busted!

    Overland Park, Kansas (The Weekly Vice) -- Charles L. Clemens Jr., a 61-year-old Overland Park man appeared in court Wednesday on charges of bigamy after being married to two women simultaneously who unknowingly resided in the same apartment complex.

    According to investigators, officers were called to the man's apartment in November when the second wife went to Clemen's apartment to confront him and discovered he was married to another woman.

    Officers were dispatched to the apartment complex for a domestic violence call and arrived to discover all three in Clemen's apartment.

    "When we got there, there, were three people - which was the first wife, the second wife and the man," said Det. Tom Erickson of the Johnson County Sheriff's Department. "He didn't live full time in any one place."

    Clements married his first wife 22 years ago and then married the second woman in January 2006, according to court records.

    Clements faces additional charges as well. Investigators say he pawned his wife's jewelry and used his father's social security number to help maintain the lifestyle.

    He was booked into the Johnson County Jail on bigamy, identity theft and theft charges. His bond was set at $15,000.

    Danny Vice
    The Weekly Vice
    Wow, you got to be slick to get away for any length of time, with both wives living in the same complex!
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