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    Sheriff's deputy hospitalized after exposure to toxic fumes in drug lab, says it was his understanding that there would be no meth

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- A meth lab bust led to a standoff Wednesday at an Orange County hotel. The SWAT team was working Wednesday afternoon to smoke out a man who was believed to be holed up inside the Palace Hotel (see map), but when they went inside there was no one there.The hotel was evacuated around 6:00am after a search through a stolen vehicle parked outside the hotel led deputies to a meth lab inside a room. A deputy had to be hospitalized after being exposed to the toxic fumes. Two others had to be treated on the scene.
    The SWAT team was on the scene at the Palace Hotel on West Colonial Drive where a suspect was thought to be barricaded inside early Wednesday afternoon. However, the SWAT team entered the room with force and didn't find anyone. They suspect the person was on a cell phone and leading them to believe he was inside."We were all asleep and they bang on the door, had a megaphone, told us to get out," eyewitess Samantha Smith said.Smith and her family got the frightening wake up call at six Wednesday morning, one they never expected to get during their Orlando vacation from England, but they had to grab their luggage and run.A fleet of Orange County sheriff's deputies, the SWAT team and the fire department's special operations unit surrounded the hotel to dismantle a working meth lab. Rebecca Turner and her son were forced out before he could grab his shoes."I'm just thank God, for Jesus, I'm alive. Me, my husband, son and I could've been dead, all of us in there," Turner said.The meth chemicals were so strong a deputy who first responded had to be rushed to a local hospital when he collapsed."I asked the officer was he shot or stabbed, cause I hadn't heard any gunshot. Said he walked into a meth lab," eyewitness James Jones said.Three people were arrested. Two of them had to be treated from exposure to the dangerous chemicals used to make the drug.Sheriff's deputies said they have no idea how the fourth suspect may have gotten away from the hotel. They said it's possible he forwarded his hotel room phone to his cell and that's how they may have been able to communicate with him for a while.

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    Nasty shit. Labs have probably shortened my life span by about 10-15 years. I'm 63 and hoping to make 70. I ended up with emphysema, but a number of my co workers have various forms of cancer. Two people have a rare type of bone cancer prevalent in elderly Black females. And they were fairly young white males.
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