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    "A Bristol secondary school has tried out a new style of sex education by letting teenage pupils examine a line-up of naked men.

    A Bristol secondary school has tried out a new style of sex education by letting teenage pupils examine a line-up of naked men.
    The pupils at Hanham High School, aged 14 to 16, watched a screen in the main hall showing a live feed of different men who were being filmed in the school's gym.
    The youngsters were told to ask which areas of which man's body they wanted to look at, with the idea of showing them that every person's body is different.
    Then a group of 16 went on to take part in a workshop where the students learnt about sexual activity, personal hygiene and about differences in body appearance with the aid of a dummy male model.
    Tom Harvey, 16, of Longwell Green, said: "I learnt more from this than from my previous sex education classes. It was really interesting and the way they taught us about everything was practical and made it more understandable."

    Every student who took part in the lessons had parental permission.
    Jess Shepherd, 15, of St George, said: "My parents really wanted me to do it. It was such a good way of learning, and I think it made the boys realise not to put pressure on girls to have sex and look good."
    The interactive lesson came to the school as part of Channel Four's The Sex Education Show, for an episode which was shown on Tuesday night. During the series, presenter Anna Richardson is accompanied by a team of sexual health experts at secondary schools across the country to give young people the sex education they are missing.
    Assistant head teacher Jo Postlethwaite said: "I think what this has given us is a starting point to revamp sex education. The students really benefited from people from outside the school coming in to talk to them about sex. It can be hard for both students and teachers to go from a teacher being your maths teacher to being your sex education teacher.Maybe it needs to be someone completely different."
    For last year's series of the TV show, players from Long Ashton Football Club's first team dropped their shorts to bare all for episodes looking at issues such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and fertility.

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