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    Talking Rooftop 'Boogler' Taunts Police with Messages

    Well, the media still hasn't learned the difference between a Robbery and a Booglary

    Rooftop 'Boogler' Hits Metroplex Stores
    Robber Leaves Taunting Messages Behind


    POSTED: 9:08 am CST March 24, 2006 Article contains video
    UPDATED: 3:09 pm CST March 24, 2006

    FORT WORTH, Texas -- The rooftop "boogler" is literally dropping into North Texas businesses and plucking cash out of safes. Police said he's attacked stores in Dallas and Fort Worth, scrawling taunting messages -- signed "boogler" -- before he leaves.

    Police said thieves rarely leave messages behind, but it's happened three times now, and a Western Warehouse in west Fort Worth is the latest target.

    "Whenever I went to the back, it was obvious what had happened," Assistant Manager Doug Conner said.

    Someone dropped into the Western Warehouse through the air conditioning system, broke into the safe and left a message behind.

    "Come on guys, for real," it read. An arrow pointed toward the safe.

    Manager Doug Conner wasn't amused. "It's really a sinking feeling when you come in and find something like that," he said.

    The Western Warehouse on Stemmons in Dallas was also hit.

    Again, the thief got in through the roof and left a similar message: "Come on, get a real safe, rooftop boogler strikes again."

    In Fort Worth, the Linens and Things on South Hulen was the first target in February.

    "Happy B-Day from your friendly rooftop boogler," read that message, with the exact same style of letters.

    "Well, the best we can tell, they're trying to make fun of the safe, because evidently they felt it was easy to get into," Det. Jeremy Rhoden said.

    Police said the burglar appears to know what he's doing, bypassing security systems, but is just drawing attention to himself with his taunting messages.

    "It's like a calling card, it's like signing your work. It gets everyone's attention," Rhoden said.

    "[It's] very frustrating. It really ruins your day when you find something like that," Conner said.

    Detectives are actively investigating, but admit they have few clues about the rooftop boogler.
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