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    Angry Officers Launch Search For Yet Another Police Imposter

    Another in a string of about a dozen space cadets in the last year or so around Dallas and surrounding towns, I believe... Many having different descriptions. They've only arrested one I know of, in Denton (north of Dallas)


    DALLAS -- Dallas police have launched a search for a man who they think might have posed as a police officer to sexually assault a woman.

    A woman told police she was stopped Wednesday at about 1a.m. and eventually raped by a man who was dressed and who acted as if he were a legitimate police officer.

    Dallas police Sgt. Gil Cerda said the man was dressed in what appeared to be a police uniform and drove an unmarked white automobile.

    The incident occurred along Interstate 35E near Continental Avenue. Police said the man approached the woman's car and presented himself as an authentic officer. He asked for the woman's identification, according to police.

    He then told the woman she had a warrant out for her arrest, according to police. The man placed her under supposed arrest and drove her to a parking lot, where she said he sexually assaulted her, police said. He then drove the woman back to her car, police said.

    Police said they have received multiple telephone calls since information about the attack was reported. Dallas police believe Wednesday's assault was the first crime committed by this individual, although they said the man could attempt a similar attack.

    "If they do it once and feel they can get away with it again, sure, we need to catch this person," Cerda said.

    Police have a vague description of the man.

    Police recommend that anyone pulled over by an unmarked car and uncertain whether the police officer is genuine should drive to a lighted area or a well-populated area and ask for the person's identification or call 911.
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