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Suspect leads HPD on wild chase in severely damaged car

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05:28 PM CDT on Tuesday, May 26, 2009

By Taylor Timmins / and Brad Woodard / 11 News
HOUSTON—A driver led police on a wild chase through the streets of Houston Tuesday afternoon.

11 News reporter Brad Woodard's update View larger E-mail Clip More Video It started just before 2 p.m. on the city’s northwest side on Tidwell.

Police say they were working on a narcotics and robbery investigation in the area when they tried to pull the teenaged suspect over.

11 News

A suspect led Houston police on a chase
in a severely damaged vehicle Tuesday

It was unclear exactly why the suspect ran.

Police attempted to stop the suspect with spike strips, to no avail.

On several occasions it appeared that the suspect was going to crash, but each time he got away.

His vehicle sustained extensive damage as the chase went along, eventually causing the hood of the car to flip up onto the windshield.

“That’s a long way to go with the hood up on the car, so I give him credit for it. If NASCAR is looking for a driver, there you go,” said wrecker driver Wayne Gray.

But even the obstructed view wasn’t enough to stop the driver.

The chase wove through freeways, major intersections, parking lots and residential streets.

At one point, the driver nearly hit Houston Police Officer David Jones.

“It’s the first time anybody has ever tried to kill me,” said Officer Jones. “The suspect saw the spike strips and tried to maneuver out of the way. In doing so, I was his next target and he tried to run me down. I got lucky and fell.”

About 20 minutes into the chase, police had the suspect blocked in on a residential street, and the car came to a stop.

But just as it appeared the officers had the suspect trapped, he popped over a driveway, drove through a yard and sped off again.

Nearly 30 minutes after the chase started, a police cruiser rammed the back of the suspect's vehicle on W. Gulf Bank, pushing it into a tailspin.

The driver was unable to regain control, and police blocked him in.

Through a cloud of dust, officers jumped out of their vehicles and approached the suspect's car.

One officer bashed in the driver's side window and pulled the suspect out onto the ground.

He was handcuffed and put in a cruiser.

Police say that the car was not stolen. They say they're still trying to find out why the teen driver fled.