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    Teen with 47 IQ gets 100 years for fondling 6 year old neighbor

    PARIS, Texas - A teenager who has profound mental disabilities was sentenced to 100 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges in a sex abuse case involving his 6-year-old neighbor.
    Aaron Hart, 18, of Paris, was arrested and charged after a neighbor found him fondling her stepson in September. The teen pleaded guilty to five counts, including aggravated sexual assault and indecency by contact, and a jury decided his punishment.
    Lamar County Judge Eric Clifford decided to stack the sentences against Hart after jurors settled on two five-year terms and three 30-year terms, The Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday. The judge said neither he nor jurors liked the idea of prison for Hart but they felt there was no other option.

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    ok, i voted no. for one, what is fondling? to me its touching, groping, etc. if in this case it involved some sort of forced insertion, sodomy, etc, that may change my view a little. the kid has a 47 IQ. thats pretty low. he really may not have known what he did was wrong. i know that doesnt make it right, and thats not an excuse for his actions, but again, for fondling (at least by my definition) i dont think the punishment fits the crime. look, its a terrible thing regardless. hopefully the child is ok physically and mentally. but ive seen cases here where reasonably intelligent grown ass men repeatedly raped their own adolescent daugters for years and only received 3 years, 5 years, etc. to me, that is way worse. the punishment should fit the crime.
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    I voted no.

    Give me a sentence to vote on for the adults of average or above intelligence who allowed this to happen.

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    Not just NO, but HELL NO.

    The guy didn't kill anyone, and didn't even rape the kid. If he had done one of those, I'd say let him rot in prison, mentally retarded or not, just to keep him out of society. But fondling? That deserves prison, but not 100 years.

    How the Hell can anyone justify that sentence when there are MURDERERS who are only sentenced to 10 years and sometimes are out in 5 on parole if there are no accompanying factors to make it a 1st degree murder or capitol offense - EVEN THEN, a CAPITAL offense can many times only get you life, whereas 100 years is also life. There is no moral equivalancy here.

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    47 IQ....he's a good candidate for Captain on my department....but the answer is still a resounding no.



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