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    Talking Video: Local Couple Gets Caught in Tornado

    This is pretty interesting... This tornado touched down a few miles from us last night.

    This was filmed by a couple of local storm chasers, which is why the video is so good. It just happens that the tornado followed them home this time.

    No one hurt, but it's a real mess around here with all the tree limbs. There is one thing kinda funny though... An apartment complex's stupid little fake wooden fireplace chimneys ripped off their roof, and wound up in their parking lot. Too bad no one got a video of that.

    Video http://blip.tv/play/geMCgYjNPIL9PQ

    Storm Chasing close to home | Untamed Science

    Storm Chasing close to home

    Today was a strange day. Our puppy died and on the way home I got this:

    A brief synopsis sent from Rob: I decided to go for a run and when I got to the top of the hill I looked at the clouds. I thought,"That's rotation in those clouds... and that looks like a tornado". About 10 seconds after I decided to run and get my camera, the tornado sirens went off. I jumped in my car (good thing too because our tree came down right where it was parked). Haley and I took off to get some possible tornado action for our storm-chasing video.
    In the chase we accidentally went right into the heart of it! It was intense. A tree fell in front of the car and the power line on the side of the road came down dramatically. We caught the explosion on video just barely. Anyhow, it was crazy. We called up the storm chaser and he was off chasing too. He couldn't believe we didn't know about it AND it hit our neighborhood. If I would had realized we were going to see this and film it for our middle grades video I would have likely 1) chosen different words when describing the action and 2) grabbed a t-shirt. Live and learn.
    Oh, Sorry for the language. I rarely curse, but I could hardly help it in the midst of the chase. I tried to bleep most of it out.
    From Haley: Rob summed it up well above. Sudden and scary. There was a huge explosion just as we drove right through it. Very exciting...but on a day like today, it was just surreal. Once again, sorry about the language. I was frightened, and I am pretty sure you get a free pass to curse when you have to put your puppy down and then a tornado hits you in the same hour.

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    The weather has been crazy here the past few days. The roof of my office was partially ripped off Weds.
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    Utter dumbassery.

    On a side note, into our 26th straight day without appreciable rain up here. Lovely 75 and sunny.



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