Mar 28, 12:48 PM EST
Ex-Trooper Gets Life for Killing Family
Associated Press Writer

BOONVILLE, Ind. (AP) -- A judge sentenced a former Indiana state trooper to life in prison Tuesday for the murders of his wife and two young children.
Jurors earlier this month convicted David Camm of three counts of murder for the September 2000 slayings of Kimberly Camm, 35, 7-year-old Bradley and 5-year-old Jill.
"I am innocent; I did not do this," Camm said before the judge announced his sentence. "Another tragic mistake has been made."
At the same time Camm's trial was under way, another jury across the state was hearing testimony that led them to convict an ex-convict in the same killings.
Prosecutors said the two men conspired to carry out the shootings.
Camm was first convicted in 2002 and sentenced to 195 years in prison, but the state appeals court overturned the verdict, ruling that testimony about Camm's extramarital affairs had unfairly biased jurors.
The prosecution's case centered on tiny bloodstains found on a T-shirt he wore the night of killings. Crime scene experts testified those stains placed him within feet of his daughter when she was shot while strapped into a seat of Kimberly Camm's SUV.
Defense attorneys argued that the stains got on Camm's shirt when he found the bodies. They called witnesses who said Camm was playing basketball that night, but prosecutors contended Camm left the game, killed his family, then returned. He reported the deaths when he returned home.
The ex-convict, Charles Boney, 36, was charged with conspiring with Camm, convicted on three counts of murder and sentenced to 225 years in prison. He was linked to the case last year by DNA evidence on a prison sweat shirt bearing his nickname, "Backbone," and a palm print at the crime scene.
Camm's attorneys have said Boney was solely responsible for the deaths, but the jury in Camm's trial was not told of Boney's conviction because of evidence rules.
Prosecutors alleged in their closing arguments that Camm killed his family because his wife discovered he had molested their daughter. They also maintained that Kimberly Camm planned to leave her husband and that Camm was motivated to kill her to cash in on insurance policies worth nearly $300,000.