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    Firefighters accidentally set fire to their own station

    An emergency call for firefighters to respond to a traffic crash ended in a cautionary tale for everyone who cooks food when the firefighters got a second call to put out a fire back at their own station house in Waipahu.
    "The firefighters (at the station) are very chagrined about it," fire Capt. Terry Seelig said yesterday.
    But the embarrassment of the firefighters from the Waipahu station is being used as a lesson to underscore the dangers of leaving food unattended on a hot stove, one of the more common causes of building fires on O'ahu, Seelig said.
    "It goes to show that no one is immune," he said.
    Just before 4 p.m. on May 22, firefighters from the Waipahu station left their food cooking to respond to a traffic crash, Seelig said.
    They wrapped up their work at the scene of the vehicle crash when another call came in to respond to a fire at their station, Seelig said.
    "The fire's cause was attributed to unattended cooking," Seelig said. "We, like everybody else, need to be careful and attentive when cooking."
    The fire caused approximately $25,000 in damage to the Waipahu fire station, mostly from smoke and heat in the kitchen, Seelig said.
    The kitchen already had been scheduled for renovation, Seelig said, and the damage has since been repaired.
    It's not unusual for firefighters to have their cooking interrupted by emergency calls. But after the fire at the Waipahu station, Seelig said, a reminder was issued to all O'ahu fire stations to make sure that firefighters turn off cooking equipment when responding to emergencies.

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    Thats funny. When I was a kid the fire department went to a call, when they came back they came to a pile of ashes from leaving a stove on also. They then attached the new fire dept to the police dept and a dispatcher or officer always had to do a walk through of the fire dept if they went to a call to insure that the stove or other hazards were off. Even better it isn't to far from the OP's location
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    After they put their kitchen fire out they decided to go out to eat. Things didn't go much better

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    I've told this story before, but when we lived in Alexandria, LA around 1968 (?), some firemen burnt their station to the ground performing a fire experiment:

    The experiment rose from an arguement of whether a large container of gasoline would extinguish a lit match if the match is thrown in the middle of it.

    Apparently, they put the container in the bathtub, where gas fumes collected. So when the match was tossed in, and explosion ensued which sloshed gasoline all over the wall, thus catching it on fire.

    They were just lucky they all made it out alive with only superficial burns, and cinged eyebrows.

    It reminds me of the time I did virtually the same thing trying to fill a cigarette lighter with gasoline over my mother's washing machine to catch the spillage - That thing almost exploded, too when I lit the lighter, cinging my eyebrows and hair .

    Ofcourse, I was like 10 years old... The firefighters couldn't make that excuse.

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    You mean it wasn't a training exercise? Anybody for a Bar-Be-Que? My bad.

    After the meal was over they gave us all lessons on what not to do regarding cooking.

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    Our dispatchers can shut off the stove to any fire station in the larger town bordering ours using the scada system used to alert the fire station. They also can open/close truck bay doors and turn on lights.They've had that system since 1995. Granted they are a larger dept with 17 stations.



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