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    Man Kills Teen for Walking On Lawn

    THere is a recording of the 911 call at this link
    Man Kills Teen for Walking on Lawn
    Charles Martin, 66, is accused of shooting a 15 year old neighbor to death after he walked over Martin's lawn in Batavia, Ohio. Martin called 911 and calmly said, "I just killed a kid." You can hear the 911 call below.

    Neighbors of Martin say that he was very meticulous and proud of his lawn. Martin told police that people have walked on his lawn several times, and he told the 911 dispatcher at the time he had been harassed by the victim, Larry Mugrage and his parents for five years, and that he finally blew up. Mugage was pronounced dead at the hospital after being shot in the chest with a shotgun. Martin is being held without bond and has yet to get an attorney.
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    Wow. That's pretty crazy.

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    Never antagonize crazy people.

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    That brings "You damn kids with your skateboards! Get off my lawn!" to a whole new level.
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