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    Talking Woman calls 911 demanding "You got to round up all your cowboys" to pick up her loose cows, swears at 911 operator, gets ticket for 911 abuse

    Woman Swears at 911 Dispatcher Over Wandering Cows

    Updated: July 3, 2009 05:46 PM CDT
    Video: Woman Cited for Profane 911 Call

    By Chris Hrapsky
    A Dodge County woman went into a profanity-laced tirade at a 911 emergency dispatcher after asking for help from deputies to round up her wandering cows.
    According to the 911 tapes, Tammy Nuttelman was home alone when seven of her cows got loose.
    Nuttelman: "I need some help."

    Dispatcher: "What's the problem?"
    Nuttelman: "You got to round up all your cowbows there, somewhere. My cows got out and they are in the marsh."
    After dispatchers told her twice that this wasn't an emergency and gave her the name and phone number of the town chairman, Nuttelman called back a third time.
    Dispatcher: "911. What's the location of your emergency?"

    Nuttelman: "Yes, this is a **** emergency! I've got seven ****ing cows out loose maybe going to the ****ing highway!"
    Dispatcher: "OK, ma'am."
    Nuttelman: "You need to let everybody know there are loose cows out there! They'll probably cause a major ****ing accident, you hear me?!"
    Dispatcher: "Ma'am, you need to watch your language, OK?"
    Nuttelman: "I don't care! I don't need to watch nothing!"
    Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls says deputies didn't respond to the first calls because the cows weren't causing a hazard.
    Dispatcher: "Why are you yelling at me?"

    Nuttelman: "Because I tried to call before and you guys said it wasn't a ****ing emergency, and this is!"
    Dispatcher: "No, ma'am, it is not an emergency that the cows are in the marsh. We gave you the number for the town chair."
    This time, deputies did respond. They gave Nuttelman a citation for improper use of a telephone and abuse of 911.

    Nuttelman even asked that a warrant be issued for the cows.

    Dodge County communications director Pat Ninmann said dispatchers were trying to handle a serious crash elsewhere in the county at the time.

    "Now we get this woman calling us up, swearing at us because we won't come and round up her cattle. You know, the dispatchers do a great job, and they expect some of that but this is completely uncalled for," Ninmann said.

    Sheriff Nehls said calls like this are an example of why the job of a 911 operator is very challenging. He said he's proud of how his staff handled this particular call.
    Nuttelman told us, "My cows got out and the dispatcher didn't want to help me. That's basically it."

    Ironically, after Nuttelman declined any further comment and asked us to leave her property, she called the same people she berated the night before -- the sheriff's department.

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    Aw, come on guys. She was just living up to her name. She's a Nuttelman.

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