After two area police officers were seen drinking and exposing their buttocks to families, Horry County Police Chief Johnny Morgan said he has "suggested" to his officers that they avoid attending events at The Boathouse Waterway Bar and Grill.
A manager at The Boathouse said Wednesday that his establishment is being unfairly labeled because the incident took place on the Intracoastal Waterway, not on his property.
"If all of his officers are of the same character as those two, I would chime in and hope they don't come here either," said Tripp Coan. "How The Boathouse is responsible for the actions of his officers is beyond me. ... They weren't at The Boathouse. If he feels we did something to encourage their behavior, then he's making a mistake."
Horry County police officers have responded to two calls at The Boathouse this year, one for damage to a vehicle, the other for someone failing to pay a bill, said Sgt. Robert Kegler.
On Monday, Charles Henry Dean, 30, of Horry County police resigned from his position, and David Gaither, 50, of Myrtle Beach police was fired after internal investigations by their respective departments of the incident. Morgan said no charges have been filed against either former officer, and his department considers the case closed.
The former officers could not be reached for comment.
Horry County police received a report that on July 5, two men exposed themselves while on the Intracoastal Waterway behind The Boathouse.
"I made a suggestion to find another place to party, or you'll be subject to your own actions," Morgan said. "We've suggested places to avoid before."
Morgan would not reveal those establishments, but stressed to officers that they are held to a higher standard.
"I can't stop them from partying," Morgan said. "They are humans. They have to relax. Everyone does. They just have to be selective in what they do and where they do it."
A Conway woman said Tuesday that one of her friends took photos of Dean and about 15 other people near him who were "shotgunning alcohol."
Dean was "shaking his butt and mooning everybody" on July 5 near The Boathouse, said Sarah Delosantos, who was with four children - ages 7, 10, 12 and 14 - at the time of the incident.
Coan said the photo shows Dean drinking beer from a can and said the Boathouse does not sell canned beer.
Coan said many boaters were on the waterway that day before a free concert in the back of The Boathouse property.
"To the best of my knowledge and from talking to my security, those guys never came onto The Boathouse property that day," Coan said. "Yes, they were in the area because of our event. I'm not disputing that. But he has his opinion, and I have mine."