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    Calling a coworker your "hottie honey," wanting wet t-shirt contests, and referring to a meeting that "was as much fun as the inside of a prom queen's thighs on prom night." It's good to be the boss.

    BELLEVUE, OH (WTOL) - Serious sexual harassment allegations against a local superintendent and his right hand man dominated a school board meeting in Bellevue.
    They are suspended with pay for now, but it could get worse.
    The Bellevue City School Board received numerous complaints against Superintendent William "Bud" Martin and Assistant to the Super Darrell Hykes, saying they've created a hostile work environment with their continual racy comments.
    News 11 has obtained a copy of the allegations against Martin and Hykes. Before you read further, we want to warn you some of them are disturbing. Now, both men have 10 days to respond.
    By law the Bellevue School Board says it addressed allegations against Assistant to the Superintendent Darrell Hykes: things like presenting a "Wet T-shirt" ad to "office staff" and suggesting they attend "as a team." And talking about "various females that (he visits) and sexual activity that (he is) involved with them."
    Allegations against Superintendent William "Bud" Martin include comments about a meeting saying it "was as much fun as the inside of a prom queen's thighs on prom night" and referring to a female principal as "here is my hottie honey."
    During public comments Thursday night a union rep stood up for the men.
    "They've always been professional and most courteous and made you feel comfortable," says Butch Wick.
    Not everyone agrees.
    "We are not for what he said," says union member Jackie Patrick. "We'd like to know more information."
    Both Martin and Hykes had a chance to defend themselves, but didn't show up. The board voted to suspend the men without pay and are considering firing them. They now have a week and a half to get back to the board.
    "This is difficult for the community. We felt the accusations," says Board President Dr. Tim Clark. "We had to act on them swiftly."
    Martin Shelley, Board Vice-President adds, "As a board our responsibility is to our employees so we contacted our legal people."
    News 11 tracked down Martin's home address and knocked on his door to no response. Hykes was unable to be reached for comment as well.
    The Board appointed elementary Principal Kim Schubert as Acting Superintendent. She says she's "purely looking at it as an opportunity to lead this school district and to do great things with our teachers."

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    OMG What is wrong with people in my wife's home town. First some guy screws a patio set now this. She said it was a strange place but wow.



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