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    Very simple "A HERO"

    Body found of man who saved child from Wash. river

    KELSO, Wash. -- The body of a man who rescued a young girl from drowning in the Cowlitz River, then disappeared in the water, was found Saturday, according to Cowlitz County authorities.

    The body of the 20-year-old man - identified by Cowlitz County authorities as Alan Heck - was found 50 yards downriver from where he was last seen. The Longview Daily News reported that Heck's first name was Allen.

    Authorities said Heck went into the water after seeing the child in distress Friday afternoon. He was last seen after he handed the girl to a group of people once he neared the shore.

    Heck, who did not know the girl, never made it to shore.

    "It's incredibly heroic," said Capt. Mark Nelson of the Cowlitz Sheriff's office. "Honestly, I'm sure it was not his intention to give up his life for this girl, but he very selflessly went into the water. He ended up going in the water, costing his life, but he saved another on the process."

    The girl's age was unknown. Her family left immediately after she was returned to shore, Nelson said.

    Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Kelly Parker said Friday that the child appeared unhurt.

    Heck's disappearance into the water sparked a search by local and county agencies, and the Coast Guard, which dispatched a helicopter.

    "Our thanks to all of the volunteers who came and assisted in the location of Mr. Heck's body," Nelson said. "This will bring some well-needed closure for Mr. Heck's family. They must be incredibly proud, even in their loss."

    The Cowlitz River's waters are cold and hide deep channels, Nelson said.

    "The little girl wandered into the shallow area, stepped into the channel and started to go down. Heck observed this, he ran, jumped in, located her, pushed her back to the surface, and held her above the water until somebody could grab her. I'm guessing the channel was too steep, and he probably trying to swim against the current, he wasn't able to do that for the both of them."

    R.I.P.........nothing is more heroic than giving your life for another.
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    Giving your life selflessly to save another - that is a hero.

    Thank you, Alan Heck. Your service is remarkable and should be remembered.

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    That is truly heroic. May he rest in peace.

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    greater love hath no man then to lay down his life for another
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odd View Post
    Giving your life selflessly to save another - that is a hero.

    Thank you, Alan Heck. Your service is remarkable and should be remembered.

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    That is just outstanding!
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    Rest in peace , Mr.Heck. It's a shame someone so young and worthy had to lose his life. May you always be remembered for your courage and your sacrifice.

    "It's a great life. You risk your skin catching killers and the juries turn them loose so they can come back and shoot at you again. If your honest , your poor your whole life. And , In the end , you wind up dying all alone on some dirty street. For what? For nothing. For a tin star."
    -Ex-Sheriff Martin Howe to Will Kane in "High Noon"

    Far from being a handicap to command, compassion is the measure of it. For unless one values the lives of his soldiers and is tormented by their ordeals , he is unfit to command.
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    A job well done. RIP, Sir. The little girl has a lot to fulfill for in her future endeavours.
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    The man who saved the young girl, was in ROTC and homeless.

    Greater a love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his b life for his c friends...... John 15:13.

    This is the material that heroes are made out of.

    May this man always be remembered for this selfless deed. Especially by the young child whose life he saved.


    Family: Man who died saving girl in Cowlitz river was homeless | KATU.com - Portland, Oregon | News

    KELSO, Wash. - The body of a man who disappeared after rescuing a 9-year-old girl from drowning in the Cowlitz River has been found, the Cowlitz County Sheriff's office says.

    The body of 20-year-old Allen Heck was found 50 yards down river from where he was last seen.

    Authorities say Heck went into the water after seeing the child in distress Friday afternoon. He was last seen after he handed the girl to a group of people once he neared the shore; he never made it to shore.

    The child was unhurt.

    Heck's mother and sister told KATU News that he was homeless and living out of a shelter in Longview.

    Heck had been a member of the ROTC and his family said he was an avid swimmer who had taken some lifeguarding classes. He was not currently in the military.

    "Mr. Heck did something no less than heroic," said Cowlitz County Sheriff's Capt. Mark Nelson. "He made the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life for that little girl."

    Investigators say a group of people were swimming and enjoying the afternoon weather when the girl wandered out into the water.

    She ran into trouble when she got out into water about 8 to 12 feet deep in the river's main channel.

    Heck saw the little girl in trouble and ran for the water. He was able to grab her and hold her up above the water until someone could grab her. Then he went under, came back up and went under again. He did not resurface.

    "Now and again, someone does something amazing in life and in doing so, gives up their own. That's a hero," Nelson said.

    The Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter to search the area. Also joining in the search were crews from the Cowlitz County dive team, fire and rescue team and Kelso police.

    Heck was the second person this summer to die while coming to the rescue of a child in a Pacific Northwest river.

    Daniel Diaz, 33, of Kent, died on the Fourth of July weekend when he jumped into the Columbia River in Oregon to rescue a 12-year-old boy he didn't know who ran into trouble while trying to swim across the waterway.

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