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    Gangstas dont dig opera

    A downtown business is using an unusual technique to combat crime – opera music.

    GameWorks is blaring out the music to discourage loiterers and aggressive panhandlers. The music is in addition to the 30 security cameras on Block E and the 3,000 others downtown operated by businesses.

    The technique is used in other cities, such as Seattle, Sacramento and even in Australia.

    "It's actually an old technique,” says Rob Allen, an inspector for the Minneapolis Police.

    As the number of serious crimes drop, the police are now moving on to nuisance crimes.

    “What we have now is what we call the hassle factor,” says Allen.

    In the past five weeks, police have made 163 arrests for loitering for drugs, aggressive soliciting and disorderly conduct.

    The music seems to have a slight effect on even the typical Block E patron. While it won’t drive them away, there are differing opinions about its quality.

    The music is “why there’s nobody around,” says one patron.

    Another adds it helps her, “come to the bus stop and stand without worrying about somebody harassing me or causing problems.”

    For full video story click here http://www.kstp.com/article/stories/S15237.html?cat=1

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    Didn't the Army try that on Manuel Noriega in Panama before we did an involuntary extraction and extradition on his ass?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BEK320
    The technique is used in other cities, such as Seattle, Sacramento and even in Australia.
    I can attest to that. Westfield Shoppingtown in downtown uses classical music to discourage "mall rats". Also, a local stop-n-rob in the ghetto plays classical music outside the store to discourage loitering.

    Unfortunately, this tactic also keeps me away because I HATE classical music.



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