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    Future of America College Student Races Down A Highway, Passing a Deputy at 153 MPH, And Crashes As He Attempts To Elude...He Wasn't Injured...go figure

    An Oregon State University student driving to Bend with his girlfriend was clocked at 153 mph on Highway 20 in Linn County Saturday, then crashed as he tried to elude sheriff's deputies, was arrested and taken to jail. Neither he nor his passenger were hurt, deputies said.

    Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller said that around 9:30 am, Deputy John Trenary was traveling westbound on Highway 20 near milepost 68 in a long straight stretch by Lost Prairie, when he spotted a silver 2006 Mazda MZ6 traveling eastbound at a very high rate of speed. The Mazda had entered the straight stretch after the long, straight downhill area just before Lost Prairie.
    Using a moving radar speed detection device, Trenary obtained a speed reading of 153 miles per hour. Trenary continued to track the vehicle, which slowed to a speed of 142 MPH before the Deputy stopped taking the speed readings.
    The Mazda passed the deputy's vehicle at a speed estimated to be over 130 MPH, fast enough to cause the deputy's patrol vehicle to physically shudder as the vehicle sped past.
    Trenary initiated a turn, radioed to other deputies in the area that he was trying to catch the vehicle, and began to pursue the speeding Mazda, which quickly rounded the first corner east of the straight stretch.
    Less than a minute later, as Trenary continued to attempt to catch up to the vehicle, he observed dark skid marks leading across the eastbound lane of Highway 20 and into the ditch adjacent to the northbound lane of Hackelman Creek Road.
    At the end of the skid marks was a very large cloud of dust indicating a vehicle had just crashed at that location. Trenary stopped near the dust cloud which cleared enough to reveal the same silver Mazda which was facing southbound in the northbound ditch.
    Trenary contacted the occupants and confirmed that neither was injured as a result of the crash. Christopher Vaughn Gordy, 25, a resident of Rancho Cucamonga, California, who is attending college in Corvallis, was the driver.
    His girlfriend, Jessica Claire Hansen, 21, from Milton-Freewater, also attending OSU, was the only passenger. Gordy and Hansen said they were traveling to Bend to meet friends.
    An investigation determined that after Gordy's radar detector went off, he tried to turn down the first available intersecting road (Hackelman Creek Road) in order to elude the pursuing deputy. Gordy attempted to negotiate the corner too fast and lost control, resulting in his car crashing into the ditch.
    Gordy was arrested and charged with Attempting to Elude a Police Officer, Reckless Driving, Recklessly Endangering, and Violation of the Basic Speed Rule (153 MPH in a 55 MPH zone). He was taken to the Linn County Jail, where he was lodged on those charges. A records check revealed Gordy has an extensive history of traffic violation convictions.
    The Linn County Sheriff's Office, with the assistance of the Albany Police Department, was conducting a cooperative traffic saturation patrol of Highways 20, 22, and 126 due to a high volume of vehicles excessive speeding, passing in no passing zones, and otherwise carelessly driving.
    The large volume of a wide variety of vehicles traveling on these highways, the curved nature of the highways, the surrounding trees and diverse wildlife in the area make this area especially hazardous for motorists when vehicles are being driving aggressively or carelessly, the sheriff said.
    The Linn County Sheriff's Office receives numerous calls of serious traffic crashes involving vehicles driving carelessly in this area. The goal of the saturation patrols is to reduce the occurrence of these serious motor vehicle crashes.

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    It wouldn't be worthwhile to try to catch the car. I'd have turned and continued down the same road until I came across what he did, a dust cloud and skid marks.

    No way you'll catch anyone going that fast unless they crash.
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