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    Police in Philadelphia say a white officer who came to work with cornrows was ordered by a black superior to get a haircut

    PHILADELPHIA Police in Philadelphia say a white officer who came to work with cornrows was ordered by a black superior to get a haircut because the braids violated department standards. The Philadelphia Daily News reported Monday that Officer Thomas Strain was put on desk duty this month because of the braids, even though the paper reported dozens of black officers wear cornrows.
    Police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore says Strain's boss told the officer to cut his hair to look more "professional."
    Vanore says officers' hats must fit "in a military manner" over their hair, and that Strain's hat did not. Strain got a haircut; he declined comment to the paper.
    Vanore recalled only one black officer with braids in the past several years. He says that officer also was told to get a haircut.

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    Sounds like his practical joke came back to bite him in the ass.

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    Well I wonder if there are black officers with cornrows on duty with nothing being said, or if its like the spokesman said and there was only one, who was told the same as this guy. If the former is true, then the officer was discriminated against. But that the officer apparently complied and cut his hair seems to show he's not trying to prove a point about discrimination. Unless he originally did want to make a point, and then got too chicken to hold his ground. Then again, if the latter is true then this is a big story about nothing here. I have no problem with telling any cop with cornrows to change their hair or go home. It does look very unprofessional. Just be consistent with enforcement.

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    White cop told cornrows break work rules, while dozens of black officers wear the hairstyle

    A white Philadelphia cop who reported to work with his hair in cornrows was yanked off the street and ordered to get a new 'do.

    Officer Thomas Strain was relegated to desk duty by a black superior this month, even though several black cops sport the same hair style, Philadelphia police sources said.

    "If other ethnic groups are permitted to wear their hair in that manner, why are they singling out this one officer?" a fellow cop told the Daily News.

    "It is ridiculous that we are wasting time and energy on this."

    Police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore said Strain's boss, identified as Inspector Aaron Horne, told the veteran officer to cut his hair to look more "professional."

    Police policy requires officers to have "clean, properly trimmed and combed hair" that doesn't extend to their collar or cover their ears, Vanore said.

    The policy prohibits radical hair colors but doesn't ban specific styles, such as cornrows, Mohawks or dreadlocks.

    Vanore stressed that Strain, who has since cut his locks, was reprimanded because his hair was unruly - not because it was in cornrows.

    But not all Philly cops bought that argument.

    It's absolutely discriminatory," a fellow officer told the Philadelphia Daily News. "[Strain's hair] was neat. It was above his collar. It's not like he shaved a Nazi sign or something anti-black or anti-Hispanic on his head.

    "It's just cornrows," the cop added. "I don't know what the problem is."


    White cop told cornrows break work rules, while dozens of black officers wear the hairstyle

    Liberty & Justice For All!

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    sounds to me like he was proving a point...
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    I bet you a cornrow haircut, he has had numerous calls from lawyers........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Second Chance View Post
    I bet you a cornrow haircut, he has had numerous calls from lawyers........
    Be careful what you bet!

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    That looks nasty... I don't understand why anyone would want a hairstyle like that, black or white. It reminds me of insect egg clusters.

    It REALLY looks nasty when it's all greased up - And how often can you wash something like that?

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