For those who aren't aware, Alaska has had 12 people charged in connection w/ the VECO scandal. 6 were legislators.

Judge shows leniency in Masek sentence
CORRUPTION: Former state representative must serve 3 years' probation after prison.

Judge shows leniency in Masek sentence: Politics |

Former state Rep. Beverly Masek was sentenced to six months in federal prison Thursday on corruption charges, a lenient punishment that sliced a year from the minimum confinement recommended by federal guidelines.

In handing down the sentence, U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline said Masek betrayed the public trust and the oath of office she took five times in Juneau -- once for each of the two-year terms she served representing the Willow area in the Legislature as a Republican.
Beistline said he was hopeful Masek could conquer her alcohol problems and become a useful member of society. But he also expressed skepticism because she hadn't gotten treatment despite her heavy drinking over the last decade and a driving while intoxicated charge. Under court supervision since her guilty plea in March, she's still been drinking to excess, the judge said.

"Up until two weeks ago you were disrupting the neighborhood with your drunken tirades," Beistline said.

Masek asked that she be allowed to serve her prison sentence in Alaska so she could be close to friends. But Beistline said prison wasn't supposed to be "fun," and besides, he added, there's no federal facility in the state. He allowed her to remain free on bond until a minimum-security prison slot was available, and said she could either report on her own, or if she couldn't afford the airfare, be transported to prison by the U.S. Marshals Service.