Fire Lt. Admits Trying To Set Up Akron's Mayor - News Story - WEWS Cleveland

AKRON, Ohio -- An Akron fire lieutenant apologized for his role in having Mayor Don Plusquellic stopped by police.

Plusquellic held a news conference a short time ago to talk about the latest twist in a controversy that happened after he was pulled over for suspicion of drunken driving.

Plusquellic said he accepts the firefighter's apology and doesn't plan to pursue any disciplinary or criminal action against him.

The letter from Lt. Dennis Shumaker reads, in part, "I regret my actions on October 17th, 2009 which triggered a series of events that led to your being questioned by the Akron police and the subsequent media frenzy."

Shumaker and his girlfriend followed Plusquellic after he left a Tallmadge bar, where Plusquellic had attended a birthday party for a friend.

Shumaker's girlfriend called 911 and reported that Plusquellic's car was swerving.

An officer stopped Plusquellic and determined he was not drunk and no charges were filed.

However, Plusquellic admitted to police he had several drinks that night.

From the beginning, he thought he was set up and Tuesday Shumaker confirmed that when he came to Plusquellic's office and said he was sorry.

Last week, Plusquellic said firefighters offered police $1,000 to set up Plusquellic.

Shumaker said he did not take part in a scheme like that and the mayor is taking him at his word.