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    TV presenter making documentary about badly-behaved students duck-taped to wall by badly-behaved students

    BBC presenter Lizo Mzimba is 'gaffer-taped to a wall' in student prank| Showbiz | This is London

    A BBC reporter was taped to a wall after students found he was gathering research for a university documentary to be called “Shamebridge”.

    Showdown: BBC reporter Lizo Mzimba, locked himself away from students
    After three nights of revelry students confronted Lizo Mzimba, 30, demanding to know what sort of documentary he was making, and he was forced to lock himself in a toilet.

    It was then that the BBC man, who started his TV career on children's news programme Newsround, was stuck to a wall with gaffer-tape, surrounded by undergraduates chanting: “Lizo Lizo, what's the news?!”, says Cambridge University's student tabloid The Tab.
    The student newspaper told how Mzimba, now entertainment correspondent for BBC News, had been at the university for three nights two weeks ago. He was hanging out with several students, including a number of young women.
    On a Sunday night he was snapped hanging around the ladies' toilets in Life nightclub. The following evening he was photographed in the Vodka Revs bar with members of the New Hall Slippery Nipples drinking society.
    Two nights later, he was seen leaving Cindies nightclub on the arm of a brunette, along with 20 others from half a dozen colleges, to attend an impromptu student-room party at Emmanuel College.
    He was also spotted draping himself over a number of girls, and, in one picture, appeared bug-eyed and sweaty after a night of heavy drinking.
    An eyewitness said of the gaffer tape incident: “It's a shame we only had parcel tape and no electrical tape, otherwise he would have been in a world of trouble.”
    Mzimba declined to comment and a spokeswoman for the BBC said the corporation would not be making any comment.
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    Sounds like he was right at home with them.



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