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    You get pulled over for an illegal left turn. Do you C) Spit on the officer, make a racial slur, threaten him with the KKK and pee in the patrol car?


    Woman Accused Of Spitting On Deputy

    44-Year-Old Hurled Death Threats, Racial Slurs, Officials Say

    DeLAND, Fla. -- A 44-year-old woman hurled death threats and racial slurs at a deputy and said her father belonged to the KKK after she was stopped Wednesday morning for making an illegal left, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

    Julie Edwards Hubbard, of Crescent City, was arrested on charges of corruption of a public servant or family by threat, battery on a law enforcement officer and obstructing an officer without violence.
    According to sheriff's deputies, Hubbard also spat at the deputy whom she insulted.
    According to a sheriff's report, Hubbard was stopped by Sgt. George Maddox at 12:49 a.m. Wednesday when she made a left turn at Old Daytona Road and Woodland Boulevard. When the deputy contacted Hubbard, she immediately became "belligerent and unruly" toward Maddox, according to the report.
    While the deputy ran a check on Hubbard, she made several verbal threats while banging her head on the divider of the patrol car, the report stated. Hubbard continued to call Maddox, who is black, racially derogatory names and spat on the sergeant's left leg and the stomach area of his uniform, telling the deputy that "her father was a member of the KKK" and "You will get yours," the report said.
    Hubbard also purposely urinated in the back of the car, the report said.
    A parrot was removed from Hubbard's car, the report said.
    Hubbard was being held at the Volusia County Branch Jail on $21,000 bond.
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    Wow. They should make her clean out the squad car and clean the deputy's uniform for him. What a moron.

    Police Officers put themselves at risk for strangers every day. Some do not make it home to their families. Next time you think of saying something negative about the police, remember...YOU are one of the strangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwtlady View Post
    Wow. They should make her clean out the squad car and clean the deputy's uniform for him. What a moron.
    After that she can clean every single toilet that is in the jail. With a toothbrush.

    Choose The Right. When you're doing whats right, then you have nothing to worry about.

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    Just because your sign off after you're shift is done, doesn't mean that it's over and put blinders on. You're a cop 24/7 wether you like it or not. If thats something you can't handle, you should find a new line of work!



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